There’s been a bit of a hiatus in my blogging. It started when I decided that I wanted a distinct, independent domain for Success Parenting, and extended because I’ve been going through a steep learning curve in putting everything together, including courses for parents, for teachers, and for schools.

SuccessParenting.org is going to hit the scene fairly soon, so I’ll reblog everything I’ve already put here on this WordPress site, and for a few months after kicking off I’ll reblog from the new website on to here. You’ll also see a variety of posts from other parenting sites, accompanied by worksheets to stimulate critical reading, listening and watching, as my notion of being successful in serving today’s parents is helping you to develop a thoughtful approach to raising your children, rather than telling you what to do!

So my immediate plan is to resume giving you weekly Tips from my coming e-book, finding relevant posts on other parenting sites for presenting during the same week as the corresponding Tip, offering a worksheet each week for you to evaluate the various information or advice, and asking for your comments and Likes as well as more formal direct feedback through a survey.

You’ll be able to see the results of the survey in a summary blog at the end of each week, and your advice and requests will feature in a range of courses I’m developing, to ensure that your needs are addressed in a way you find useful. Whether for student or parent, there’s not much point in a course unless it does this!

This is my plan. Please let me know what you think, so please comment on the Success Parenting Facebook page and here (the new blogging site will have Facebook comments on the page), Like and Share. Success Parenting communities will be much more effective than individuals. A class of Success Parenting children will learn a lot more and a lot faster than a lone SP child in the class.


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