Read to Your Child


From as young an age as possible share books with your child – cloth books, card books, paper books, any book you can lay your hands on and which is suitable for her age. Talk to her about the pictures and allow her to feel the pages. Wait for her to lose interest rather than you deciding the session should end. If she always wants the same book, it’s because she hasn’t finished learning from it yet, so let her have it.

You can talk to infants about taking care of books, but expect there to be some rough treatment. Your aim at this point is to engage with her (my previous blog) and to arouse her interest in books and in reading. The respect will grow in time.

This tip is about reading to your child, not getting her to read to you! She’ll learn that for herself without you even being aware of it. Notice and make a mental note of what interests her, then follow that child!

Imagine what it would be like if your child started school already able to read fluently. Imagine also what it would be like if all the other children in her class were able to read. Imagine the teacher’s delight in being able to communicate easily with her young crowd of followers, and imagine the richness of your child’s experiences!

How could this be passed on to other people you know, to improve the school experiences of their children as well? My next blog will suggest one way of doing this.


Keep a look out for “Loving To Read”. This is a community programme being developed by Success Parenting. It will be delivered free at local neighbourhood level by trained local volunteers. The programme is still in its early stages, and we would love to hear from anyone interested in being a part of the development team. You can email us at N.B. This email address is not yet active! Please use the contact form below to connect.





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