Cultivating The Habit Of Finding Interest In What Interests Your Child

In an earlier blog, you saw how your child will learn to read for herself, even if all you do is read to her. Crucial to this is allowing her to choose the books she wants to hear and letting her explore them on her own as well. Once you’ve read a book to her, if she likes it enough she’ll want to hear it again. When she’s heard it often enough, amazingly, she’ll use it to teach herself how to read!Image

This principle applies to every Continue reading


Share Experiences With Your Neighbours

Your neighbours are your closest source of assistance, if you should need it. Make sure that your chats focus on solutions, not problems. Building deep friendships through cultivating trust is a powerful way to avoid isolation and getting caught up in all the challenges of bringing up a family.

Only three days ago I was told by my coaching partner that I was the only person she could talk to about the problems she’d been experiencing in her relationship with her children. Having a coaching partner to talk to once a week is handy – but having neighbours 24/7 is a good deal handier!

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Read to Your Child


From as young an age as possible share books with your child – cloth books, card books, paper books, any book you can lay your hands on and which is suitable for her age. Talk to her about the pictures and allow her to feel the pages. Wait for her to lose interest rather than you deciding the session should end. If she always wants the same book, it’s because she hasn’t finished learning from it yet, so let her have it.

You can talk to infants about taking care of books, but expect there to be some rough treatment. Your aim at this point is to engage with her (my previous blog) and to arouse her interest in Continue reading

Engage with your child


Engaging with your child means not leaving him just doing his own thing all the time. But it doesn’t mean interfering either!

You can start by doing everything you can to make sure that your baby feels totally loved and secure. Use distractions imaginatively for stimulating his intelligence. He’s here on Earth to learn! If you don’t consciously and in full awareness choose what he learns from, he’ll make his own choices which you may not like as he becomes more independent. Show him books as soon as he can focus.

In time, share your own interests and your chores. Make it fun! This will cultivate a drive within him to Continue reading